Happy Feet: Summer Tips to Put Your Best Foot Forward


It’s time to leave behind your winter boots and swap them out for some sandals!

Before you hit the beach, trail, or pool - be sure to read our top foot care tips, because your feet will be carrying you through the summer!

  1. Apply Sunscreen On Your Feet - Australian Summers can be scorchers, and with more time out in the sun in the summer means more exposure to UV. Make sure you remember to follow the SunSmart rules and this includes applying sunscreen all over your feet. Don’t forget the top and back of your ankles, and re-application is important after you have been in the water!

  2. Protect Your Feet in Public Areas - The local swimming pool, public showers, the cricket locker room, the beach, even the bathroom in your hotel room are all exposed to fungal organisms. Wear shoes/sandals/thongs/jandals/flip flops around these areas to limit your chances of contracting any bacterial infections such as tinea, plantar warts, athlete’s foot, ringworm.

  3. Wear Appropriate Footwear - some summer leisure activities (hiking, kayaking, snorkeling etc) may require different types of shoes to be worn, be sure your footwear is appropriate for your activity. If unsure, ask us!

  4. Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry - moisture built up on the feet can lead to bacteria or fungus. Make sure to keep your feet dry by drying them. If your shoes get wet, dry them out completely before your next wear! (Tip: Why not take an extra pair of shoes on your trip away?)

If you have any foot care concerns, be sure to check with your Podiatrist.